The frames I use are made by a local family owned business, Victor Gallery. They are made of solid wood, either naturally unfinished or painted in white. I like their frames because they are really simple, classic and good quality.

I can order any size I need. The frames come with glass, I cut the mat backing and mount my work in the frame ready to hang. I've always done this as a way of making my work more affordable and presented ready to hang.


I cut and prep my own mats using a professional mat cutter. 

I source my acid free professional quality mats and supplies from a local independent company, New Concept Framing. 

I have built up relationships with the companies I source from, I’ve been buying my framing supplies from there for over 25 years !

The matted artwork I sell is ready to go into the frame of your choice.


The threads I use are from companies that are environmentally conscious, and sustainably sourced. 

My main embroidery threads are by Madeira. They are of a very high quality, lightfast and come in a huge range of colours which is why I love them so much ! 


I use a range of natural fibre materials. Silks are bought from local independent companies but originate in India and Thailand.  

The cottons and woollens that I use are all repurposed from local charity shops.I pre-wash everything to sanitize these recycled materials before either directly working with them or felting them

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