Saskia Designs

I have to create, making work, whether functional or decorative.  I share what I see as I explore and observe the world around me.  Expressing my creativity it is how I function as a person.  It’s like breathing, it’s something I have to do. 

Drawing is how I look and process what I see, through my personal very colourful lens. Colour brings me great joy, it enlivens and makes me happy.  As much as I love drawing, it still doesn't express all that I would like to say.  Working with colourful threads and fabrics is where I feel most creative.  Much of my stitching is done on my trusty old Bernina. It’s not a fancy computerized or digital pre-programmed machine. It offers a really playful and free way of creating a line, building up texture, and applying patterns and shapes in my work.

I do love to chat over a cup of tea, but when it comes to how I see things, stitching my colourful pieces is how I hope to share feelings of joy and appreciation of life.

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